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Q:  Why doesn’t my bus stop show up in the bus stop list?

A:  HEA returns the stops based on the number of matches.  Most

stops are named by street and cross-street, like "King St + Punchbowl St (Stop 131)".  The stop number is the best way to find the bus stop.


Q:  Where can I find the bus stop number?

A:  The best place to find the stop number is Google MapsFind the stop, and then click the bus stop icon to display the stop number and the stop schedule.  (For more information check out our instructional brochure at http://www.thebus.org/updates/heabrouch.pdf)

TheBus is also gradually posting bus stop numbers at various bus stops around the island.  


Q:  Why can't I find Kam Highway ?

A:  Try "Kamehameha".




Q:  What does "Arriving", "Departing", and "Departed" mean?

Arriving:  The bus will arrive in 1 or 2 minutes

Departing:  The bus is at the stop, or the bus should be in sight; if you are not already at the stop, then you will likely miss this bus.

Departed:  The bus left 1 or 2 minutes ago 


Q:  Why do some routes have vehicle numbers and others show scheduled time?


Scheduled Time

There are several reasons why the Automatic Vehicle Location ( AVL ) system may not be able to predict the actual time that a bus might be arriving. For example, this might occur as a result of a defective AVL unit on a bus, or a bus may have been instructed to detour off-route, or the bus may be out of radio coverage.  When our system cannot predict the expected arrival time based on current AVL readings, our HEA system defaults to the scheduled time rather than the estimated time. 



For example, HEA will display


scheduled (no GPS) · 5:14 PM



When the schedule time is displayed it will continue to display the scheduled time until 3 minutes past the scheduled time.  We do not display a bus number for a scheduled time.

Estimated Time

If HEA has a current AVL reading, we show the bus number and the predicted arrival time. 


For example, HEA will display


1L HAWAII KAI - Limited Stops
Bus 344 · 5:11 PM


As it gets to be within two minutes of its expected arrival time, we announce that it is arriving.  A minute or so after its arrival time, we announce the bus has “departed”. 


Q:  How often are the estimated arrival times updated?

A:  The estimated arrival times are updated every 2 minutes.


Q:  Why didn't my bus show up?

A:  City buses are subject to the same traffic conditions that all vehicles encounter.  Construction, traffic accidents, and various man-made obstacles, as well as acts of nature may require a bus to be detoured, rerouted or delayed.  In such cases the times listed in HEA will default to “Scheduled” time, and will disappear from the listing 3 minutes after the scheduled time.  Unfortunately, the HEA system does not currently have a mechanism to list detours and service disruptions.


Problems?  Comments?

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